A new digital healthcare eco-system powered by our propriety Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence technologies

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Who are PayPill Technologies?

Our innovative patented blockchain artificial intelligence technology business targets the groups and institutions controlling the movement of information and patient data from individuals, the distribution and dispensing of prescription drugs, and those limiting the healthcare needs of the disadvantaged.

Key application focus:

Healthcare/ Specialty Sector – Allowing individuals through employer schemes to arrange their healthcare details directly and digitally securely with Third Party Payers.

Providing affordable drugs, specialty drugs and healthcare services through localized digital healthcare contracts and payments through our PayPill PPLL reward token (like AirMiles)



Healthcare transactions globally are dominated by middlemen or strategic government organisations who make healthcare expensive and in many cases unattainable. For example in the US alone, $500B is spent on administering healthcare details and contracts with insurers.

In addition many individuals are not given the correct medication and errors in healthcare records contribute to morbidity rates higher than other diseases.


Our AI 'healthcare helper' technology provides an opportunity for us to work with individuals on understanding their healthcare needs but also giving them tools to work with their physicians on reviewing new or existing medicines, healthcare services and scientifically validated alternative healthcare solutions.

Incentives through the PayPill PPLL reward tokens, are given to the individuals on their improvement in their healthcare status and additional savings on drugs and other healthcare services can be purchased using the PPLL reward tokens through the exchange of anomylized healthcare data.

Because our blockchain solution provides the opportunity for an individual to hold ALL their data in one highly secure location our AI solution not only understands the healthcare needs of every individual but can aggregate the anomylized data and use it to negotiate better rates with healthcare providers and insurers.


PayPill Helper App

Our PayPill Helper App allows individuals via their phone or desktop to review all their data from a range of healthcare institutions, as well as having access to alternative healthcare solutions, unique to their needs, using our patented AI/Machine Learning algorithm.


Dr John Kutzko
Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder
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John has a doctoral degree in pharmacy and science. With six patents to his name and over 30 years’ experience working in the pharmacy sector, he has helped manage chronic diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cancer and related-symptoms, HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C virus.

John has worked with many patients with these and other chronic diseases who have turned to medical cannabis as a means to improve both their therapeutic outcome and minimize the untoward side effects often caused by mediation regimens. As such he has worked hard to raise awareness on the benefits of medical cannabis and the medical evidence behind its utility in pain management, chemotherapy-induced symptom management and others maladies.

John was the Founder and CEO of PharmCare Infusion, Inc. – a home infusion company for people living with HIV/AIDS and cancer. John was also a lead partner in an AI software development company that developed a single and multi-agent drug dosing algorithm – the first such technology to receive FDA 510K approval. He has also been a partner in and consulted for specialty and compounding pharmacies as well as pharma in Colorado, Florida, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Texas.

John is in high demand as a knowledge specialist for start-up and existing compounding firms, as well as the originator for the AI engine which will power PayPill and our future propositions.

Dr Wayne C A Wright
CEO and Co-Founder
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Wayne is a widely experienced director and scientist (with seven patents to his name). He has performed several high-profile roles within celebrated blue-chip businesses, including Unilever, Caradon and ERA Technology Ltd - one of the world’s largest technology consultancies.

His experience is in the building of businesses from the bottom up with a clear understanding of the strategies essential to drive successful growth. Additionally, Wayne is a seasoned entrepreneur with investments in a biotechnology business in the US (CellMetRx), a start-up Compounding Pharmacy in Colorado US (Pagosa Specialty Pharmacy), Kytappo Healthcare Technologies in the UK and formally with an architectural practice in London (Paul Henry Architects). He is the owner and chairman of a social enterprise, Maidstone Warriors Basketball club - now the largest all-ability club in Kent for 6-18 year old youth and adults.

With his coaching company [W]sq solutions, his turnaround and business growth activities have been extensive, including VC backed (3i and Merlin Biosciences) run businesses such as PetroTechnik and Scantrack, ownermanaged businesses such as Scipac and Gel Systems, as well as established businesses such as Brett Waste (now Viridor), Smiths Medical and BBI. His clients have gone on to win 28 business awards for growth over the last six years, resulting in Wayne himself receiving an award as one of the IBC’s top three business advisors in the UK, as well as the Institute of Director’s director of the month in 2010.

Ray Bailey
Advisor (Speciality Healthcare)
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Ray Bailey is responsible for overseeing the operations of Florida Cancer Specialists’ Oncology Specialty Pharmacy, Rx To Go, including financial management, business development, new drug access, purchasing contracts and overall formulary management. Bailey was promoted to Director of Pharmacy in 2010, two years after joining as Pharmacy Manager. Before that, Bailey was General Manager of Walgreens/OptionCare of Southwest Florida from 2005 until 2007. Also, he has been a Staff Pharmacist at Naples Community Hospital, owner of a pharmacy in Pine Island, FL and President/CEO-Owner of OptionCare of Southwest Florida, a national franchise of home infusion pharmacy services. Ray earned his bachelor’s and graduate degree from the University of Georgia.

Tayo Dada
Advisor (Cybersecurity within blockchain)
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Tayo Dada is an entrepreneur and cyber security expert with over 30 years of experience working in IT, from software development to IT management. Tayo manages an award-winning InfoSec team of experts in IT security and cyber threat management who are decorated with industry-recognised qualifications and certifications, including SC clearance, CISSP, ISO27001, Cyber Essentials, CEH and CREST. Based in London’s Tech city. Set up Big Four consultancy’s first ethical hacking division in the UK.

Rich Jarvis
Advisor (HR, Leadership, culture and values)
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Scientist, artist, inventor, adventurer, business owner, and thought leader who has a knack for catalyzing big ‘aha!’ moments and convergence between people, ideas, technology, and resources. Rich has eight patents to his name and is passionate about discovering enabling technologies and roles that uniquely connect a person’s passion, talents, and skills with entrepreneurship. He enjoys working with colleagues and teams to prepare leaders who want to be fast-tracked into launching meaningfully unique solutions that influence culture and transform marketplaces.

Scott Lake
Advisor (Blockchain and AI)
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Scott is currently the Chief Data Officer at Zenabi Analytics LLC. His experience as a senior executive driving data strategy and developing the data-rich applications to execute those visions goes back many years. He has specific experience leading the effort to harness machine-learning science and advanced analytics to produce bottom-line value and growth for Fortune 500 clients.

Cal Evans
Advisor (Legal and regulatory)
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Cal is our team’s lead consultant: a UK lawyer and US Litigation Consultant with experience working in top law firms in California and London. Cal undertook advanced IT at a junior college and received the top AVCE recognition award before then undertaking his undergraduate in law. Having passed law school in England specializing in business and corporate law, Cal completed his certificate in financial markets with Yale in 2016. Cal is considered one of the leading authorities on cryptocurrency and ICO compliance. He is one of the few people with the technological, legal, and financial expertise needed to navigate the cryptocurrency market. He has experience working with companies across the globe including some of the largest tech companies during his time working in California.

Cal is appointed to the board of a number of international ICOs and writes for publications such as CoinTelegraph and CryptoSlate. He has consulted with over 40 ICOs and has been featured in CNBC, Forbes, Bangkok Post, WSJ, and others. Cal has also consulted with government and regulatory bodies including the Bank of England, Government of Dubai, and Malta.

Rich Slater
Advisor (Legal and regulatory)
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Rich has a wide range of experience consulting in several areas of legal/business practice, including limited liability companies, corporations, trusts, blockchain, ICO and cybercurrency, business planning, financial management, due diligence and regular reporting to clients. He also enjoys particular experience overseeing community relations while giving on-going advice regarding all aspects of business activities as it relates to CSR. Rich has extensive experience in bench and jury trials, appeals in state district courts, Wyoming Supreme Court, 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, administrative hearings and appeals, proceedings before regulatory bodies and governmental entities, as well as participation in legislative process.

André Wright
Advisor (Product/Data)
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André is our product development and data platform advisor. He current works in Data Analytics at Expedia Group and has worked in various analytics type roles. He has previosuly worked in various prodcut roles at, part of Travelzoo.

Jay Godla
Advisor (Global healthcare, PBMs)
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Jay is Vice President and a Lead Partner of Strategy&, a division of PwC with primary focus on Corporate and BU Strategy development and implementation for Payers, PBMs, Med Devices, Healthcare Services and Healthcare Private Equity. Jay has extensive experience in Next Generation Medical Management, Product Development and Sales and Distribution. He’s also the Leader of Corporate & BU Strategy team for Health Industries Advisory.